SMK GLIDE KYREN HELMETS (3XL, MA264 MattBlack/NeoYellow)

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Product Description

Flip-up helmets are undoubtedly some of the most used by motorcyclists across the world and so the Glide, a full-face helmet with flip-up chin, just had to be included in the SMK collection. Glide has been designed and created to respond to motorcyclists’ latest need for practicality, without compromising on safety, comfort and style, typical of SMK products.
The external shell is moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic), a thermoplastic resin that is particularly resistant to impact, and has an aerodynamic shape that offers little wind resistance, ensuring silence inside the helmet. The internal shell is moulded in differentiated density EPS, for better absorption of the energy resulting from an impact.
To lift the chin piece, simply press the button that is positioned on the inside of the chin piece itself so as to avoid accidental opening. To close it, and make it an integral part of the external shell, just push downwards until it locks to the strong metal fastening system. Once open, the chin piece can be locked using the red lever, positioned on the right of the shell.
The ventilation system has been designed to allow for the constant intake of fresh air through the two adjustable air vents, one positioned on the chin and another on the upper part of the shell. Hot air can exit through the rear extractor.
Glide boasts double P/J homologation, as both a full-face and flip-up helmet.
The visor mechanism is simple and functional, and does not require the use of tools to remove or fix the external visor. To unlock it, once lifted, just pull the red lever forward. This results in an initial click that allows the visor to remain slightly open, optimising the anti-fog effect even at low speeds.
The visor includes a scratch-resistant system and is moulded in polycarbonate it is suitable for use with Pinlock® Original and has an Extra Wide Vision, meaning that the rider benefits from a much wider visual field than standard.
The practical internal sun shield is easily activated with a switch positioned on the lower left of the helmet. The inner linings are breathable and hypoallergenic, fully removable and washable, and ensure maximum comfort even after prolonged use. The retention system is equipped with a practical quick release buckle for micrometric adjustment.
The convenient wind stop and removable nose guard complete the features of this helmet, which is also suitable for use with Bluetooth intercommunication systems. Available in sizes from XS to XL.

External shell: aerodynamic, moulded in EIRT (Energy Impact Resistant Thermoplastic)
Internal shell: moulded in differentiated density EPS
Chin piece: opened using a single button inside the chin piece itself
Inner: breathable, hypoallergenic liners, fully removable and washable.
Lower wind stop and removable nose guard
Ventilation: all air-vents are adjustable. Air-vents on the chin, an air-vent on the upper part of the shell, rear extractor
Visor: scratch-resistant and rapid release, suitable for use with Pinlock® Original. Extra Wide Vision (very wide visual field). Internal scratch-resistant sun shield
Visor mechanism: does not require the use of tools
Retention system: equipped with a quick release buckle for micrometric adjustment
Bluetooth: compatible
Homologation: ECE 22-05